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WALKSIT Compact Carbon Travel Chair and Walking Stick Combo


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Outcessories is a small business located in Cumming, GA and was established out of a passion for the outdoors and being able to have a healthy and active lifestyle. We strive to deliver quality outdoor accessories to customers looking for specialty assistive products. Our launch began with a similar cane chair and quickly evolved to a much more compact and lightweight version. The WALKSIT™ Carbon Cane Chair. It is a 2-in-1 cane/ walking stick with a seat. The versatile lightweight chair provides easy access to seating or walking cane on the go and includes a shoulder bag for storage. 

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VIDEO showing the differences in cane chairs

Introducing the WALKSIT™ Carbon Cane Chair

Your Next Adventure is Waiting!

  • The lightest Carbon Cane Chair on the market

  • Easy to switch from cane to chair

  • Compact folding design is easy to carry

  • Sturdy design holds up to 265 lbs

    Check out the full specifications click here.

Outcessories travel and outdoor WALKSIT Compact Carbon Travel Chair and Walking Stick Combo

Show Us How You WALKSIT


Our Customers Say

"I was so excited to find a cane chair that folded up so small and had a way to carry it on my trips. I use it everywhere now! Cruises, sporting events, hiking and festivals. Its so lightweight and the carrying case can be worn without having to lug something else around all day."

Roberta Townsend, Tucson, AZ

WALKSIT Compact Folding Carbon Travel Chair and Walking Stick Combo

Converts a cane into a chair instantly

The WALKSIT™ Carbon Cane Chair is a revolutionary 2-in-1 walking aid and portable seat from Outcessories, designed to offer comfort and support for users on-the-go.

The WALKSIT is a versatile mobility aid that simultaneously provides users with a walking stick for support and a seat for resting. This design, which instantly converts a cane into a chair.

Walksit Compact Carbon Travel Chair and Walking Aid

Carbon Cane Chair

The versatile compact carbon cane converts into a sturdy chair on the go. A perfect addition for avid outdoors enthusiasts, concert goers, golfers, youth sports practices or waiting at a store. The perfect on the go chair fits in a backpack, laptop bag or carry it with its handy carrying case. 

WALKSIT Carbon Cane Chair

WALKSIT Compact Carbon Travel Chair and Walking Stick Combo

Comfortable Seat Surface

Durable and holds up to  265 lbs

Outdoor Tested & Approved

Anti-UV, waterproof, and rustproof

Smallest and Lightest Folding Design

Compact design folds to 17 inches

Carbon Fiber

Weighs 1.7 pounds, making it easy to carry


  • How is this product shipped?
    We ship within the Continental United States only. We DO NOT ship to other countries. We ship most orders via UPS Ground. Standard shipping applies.
  • What is the weight limit for the WALKSIT™ Carbon Fiber Cane Chair?
    The weight limit for the WALKSIT™ Carbon Fiber Cane Chair is 265lbs. If you weigh more, please use the WALKSIT™ Carbon Fiber Cane Chair with caution/care.
  • What are the specifications of the WALKSIT™ Carbon Fiber Cane Chair?
    Product Description: This is a multi-functional cane/seat, which is retractable and adjustable with three foldable legs. Made with carbon fiber material, the product is ultralight. The user can walk with stability aided by the cane, and can rest securely on the seat. The product is easy to spread and fold, and its storage is convenient. It does not take up space as it is compact and lightweight, and is easy to carry. Material: The tube and grip are made from carbon fiber, and the seat plate is made with polypropylene (PP). Specifications and Detail: Walking Height 85cm-95cm (33inx37in) Resting Height 50cm or 19.6in Seat 23cmx20cm (9in x 7in) Weight 830±10g Storage Length 43.5cm or 17in Weight Capacity 120kg or 265lbs Notes: 1.Regularly check whether all screws are fastened and whether the seat plate is damaged. 2.Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of the product (120kg or 265lbs). 3.Please check that all parts are securely connected and fixed before use. If there are signs of breakage or damage, do not use. 4.Do not store the product in high temperature, low temperature (above 40°C and below 0°C), otherwise it will lead to deterioration or failure. 5.The user should be careful when walking on the ground or sitting down to rest on the seat, because it may cause accidents such as slipping.
  • Is the WALKSIT™ Carbon Cane Fiber Chair waterproof?
    The WALKSIT™ Carbon Fiber Cane Chair is water-proof and anti-rust.
  • Is the WALKSIT™ portable and lightweight?
    Yes. The WALKSIT™ is extremely lightweight weighing under 2 lbs. It is portable and folds up to approx. 17 in easily fitting into the carry case (included for FREE) that has an adjustable strap for convenience and travel. It will fit right into your tote bag, carry on or suitcase and can be taken on the airplane.

You Asked, We Answered

Camping WALKSIT Compact Carbon Travel Chair and Walking Stick Combo

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