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Close up of seat on Walksit
Walksit Carbon Cane Chair Just Cane Opened
Walksit Carbon Cane Chair Unfolded

WALKSIT™ Carbon Fiber
Cane Chair

New patented design
Ergonomic Handle

Easy-to-hold & anti-slip carbon fiber design

Unique Handle Hook

For hanging or storage

Exclusive Way of Operation

Effortlessly fold the seat in a blink

Extra Large Seat Surface

Firm surface with plenty of room to be comforable

Folded WALKSIT Compact Carbon Travel Chair and Walking Stick Combo

Safety Clip

Increases stability of chair

Seat Lock

Lock the seat firmly and it turns back into a walking stick

Anti-slip Rubber Feet

Large anti-slip rubber feet with spiral pattern that provides more stability

Reinforced Rim Structure

Dual stainless steel stability structures

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